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Basket Case

LionsHome Blog

When thinking of ways to fill your empty bathroom up, laundry baskets are the perfect bathroom accessory! Not only are they functional to storing your dirty clothes, they also add a nice touch of ...

Clean Hands Are Happy Hands

LionsHome Blog

Have you ever realized how often your bathroom is visited per day? Whether it's yourself, your flatmates, your family, or your guests? Think about it. How many times does someone need to use ...

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Vegan Toasted Almond Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

Fragrant Vanilla Cake

So, I ran my first race in a year last weekend.  It was actually only my second in 4 years (after previously running about 20 a year), because I took a long time off of running in races after a string of injuries that had me feeling burnt out about it. I have still been running since then, but not competing at all.  I love going out for a run, and not having to think about it.  Not worrying ab

Tea Dunking Cookies

Katherines Corner

Tea Dunking Cookies- I enjoy dunking a cookie or two in my tea. These easy ta dunking cookies  get a little soft when dunked and then pop them in your mouth and instant smile. The simple joy of a cup of tea and cookies (biscuits) can make all of the difference in a day that has been rough, to a day that is now behind you. I always liked dunking Walker shortbread cookies when I didn’t mak

Yassa — New Location

Chicago Alphabet Soup

In 2007 when my first adventurous restaurant friend and I were going through the alphabets, we skipped ahead to S for Senegalese at the recommendation of a mutual friend. The restaurant, Yassa, had been featured on a show called Check, Please! There was a lot of buzz about it then and when we went, we found out why. The were simply outstanding! Fataya Fast forward to 2016 and Yassa has since move

A Real Life Back to School Shopping Survival Tale

The Mom of the Year

I imagine hence forth my life will now settle into two distinct eras: the time before I took my children back to school shopping last week and days following this fated venture. The thing is, I could lie, friends. I could say it was exhaustively draining, and I’m praising God that we crossed that beast off the list for […] The post A Real Life Back to School Shopping Survival Tale

A Summer of Weddings

That New Dress

  I’m at the age where my friends are taking that massive leap into adulthood and getting married which means my summer has been filled to the brim with weddings.  There is something about the “wedding dress code” that is so distinctive and unlike any other style of dressing.  Even those with minimal interest in fashion can’t help but pull on their glad rags and emb

David Stark’s Loft

Lark & Linen

Event planner, David Stark, is known and loved for his over the top shin digs and unique venues. With A list clients from Condé Naste to Luis Vuitton, there’s no question he’s made his mark on the industry far and wide.  So it’s no surprise that his home has also been executed to the utmost detail. Open concept, with a twist, it’s unexpected, yet beautiful, in th

The Sweetness of Routine

Still being molly

When I was pregnant with Lilly, John and I talked a lot about what kinds of things would be “our thing” after the baby was born. What I mean is, we wanted to be intentional about having individual times with the kids. With me staying home and exclusively breastfeeding, it’s easy for me to get caught up in “doing it all” and trying to just take over everything… b

Comment on august’s full moon → vibes of completion by Meghan


Whoa. Sometimes I feel like your words are directly aimed at me. It’s a bit unnerving but I know it’s just me taking what you’re saying personally and applying it to things going on in my life. Still, I can’t thank you enough for sharing all you do about your life and your insights (which fairly regularly blow my mind). You have given me much to think about and consider, an
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