Manic Mondays

08.08.2016 It's Monday Morning, and you've overslept. Oh no! you think, and rush through your daily morning routine. Everything is running smoothly- from preparing your lunch to having your morning coffee and taking a warm shower- but now, as it's time to freshly doll your face up in front of the mirror to get the day started in great effect, you stress out 10x more! Why? Because, your counterspace, cabinets, and drawers are all cluttered and unorganized, leaving you at a loss in being unable to find anything to continue on. 

I don't know about you, but I can't stand it when my little knick knacks are scrambled all over the place. For instance, during those last minute and rushed mornings, it's quite a challenge to get the day going when you can't find your toothpaste, your hairbrush, or your favorite lipstick to wear to that special business meeting. 

The best solution, however, is to implement an organizer of some sort in your bathroom, such as a cosmetics organizer or bin, where you can selectively place all your bathroom items in a much more useful manner. Then, with this, you can live in peace knowing that scurrying through a messy drawer or vanity is prevented by your handy dandy organizer!

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