Clean Hands Are Happy Hands


Have you ever realized how often your bathroom is visited per day? Whether it's yourself, your flatmates, your family, or your guests? Think about it. How many times does someone need to use the toilet, take a shower, blowdry their hair, brush their teeth, or shave? Or to go wash their hands when coming home or before having a meal at the dinnertable? Or even just walking in there to take a quick glance in the mirror? Either way, the bathroom is visited pretty frequently, wouldn't you agree?

I don't know about you, but bathroom decor is something I am a bit guilty of because the bathroom is just as important as the rest of the living space! Personally, I like to match all my bathroom accessories with a similar color scheme or pattern- from rugs to toilet covers to my shower curtains. 

In particular, I am fond of fun soap and lotion dispensers at the sink because it's always nice to have an appealing dispenser that pumps delicious-smelling soaps when I go to wash my hands. I sometimes like to use a fancy looking soap dispenser to excite my guests when they go to wash their hands- it's also fun to match a patterned style to the rest of the theme of my decorated bathroom. To go that extra mile, whatever theme I have in my bathroom, I like to buy flavored or scented soap that also matches-for example, in a pastel-colored bathroom, I like to have milk and honey-scented soap!

Here, at LionsHome, we feature a variety of soap and lotion dispensers with different designs and styles for your hand-caring needs! Feel free to browse and shop our products!

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