Basket Case

12.08.2016 When thinking of ways to fill your empty bathroom up, laundry baskets are the perfect bathroom accessory! Not only are they functional to storing your dirty clothes, they also add a nice touch of decor to your bathroom-why not have the best of both worlds?

To add some flair to your already beautifully-decorated bathroom, you can get a laundry basket that matches perfectly, for example you can get a cylinder-metallic one for a modern-style bathroom or even a nice, beige and wooden crate-like basket to match your homey, countryside-styled bathroom- the possibilites are endless!

Also, there's many options as far as selecting the shape and size of the laundry basket. For instance, you could get a more horiztonal piece that's wider and short, which would be perfect in taking up space for larger bathrooms, or more narrow, yet tall baskets for smaller spaces. You can even find baskets that have wheels, making it more easily accessible for those heavy, laundry-washing days.

Here at LionsHome, we have a nice selection of different laundry baskets. Feel free to browse and shop of products we feature!
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